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After months and months of going to group therapy every day and not feeling like I was progressing, shortly after coming here to DFW TMS for just 30 minutes a day, friends and family started noticing the change in me even before I did.  About two weeks into the treatment sessions, I legit woke up happy for the first time in years!  I feel like I will never be stuck in the hole I was once in, because of the skill sets I learned here along with the TMS treatment itself!

DH 2017

I had been prescribed a lot of different anti-depressant medications in the past, both those with popular names, those with not so popular names, and many generics.  I had also tried several different types of therapies.  The cycle seemed to be the same to me, it works a little, but then it doesn’t seem to work so well and so you sit in a cycle where you don’t feel good enough to continue, but knowing that stopping is worse.

The promise of the being and remaining well made me want to keep trying, since the first week or so of a new treatment is good, but then it usually falls off.  So, I was always up for something new.

I like new stuff in psychology and psychiatric care, so TMS wasn’t completely unheard of for me as a style of treatment. Even though I had never heard of TMS specifically; my openness to try a new treatment, combined with a growing desire for help, pushed me to start TMS.

The cycle I had learned didn’t continue with TMS.  I started feeling better and never stopped. Instead of feeling better and sinking down again, I just continued to get better and better, breaking the expectation I had that it might work for a few weeks and then I would be back where I started.

There was an eventual settling in, but still far better than when I started. This was a fresh perspective for me.  Many times I would feel previous prescriptions or treatments simply lessen my symptoms instead of treating them, but with TMS I actually feel better!

MR 2016

My experience with DFW TMS was extremely rewarding for me.

I kept an open mind and embraced what was ahead of me.  Dr. Costello closely monitored treatment with weekly appointments.  My daily TMS sessions were merged with a series of tapes and invaluable lessons.  The daily TMS treatments and tapes were guided by his technician Suzanne.  She played an invaluable role throughout the process.  Her care, concern, sensitivity and professionalism added to my health outcome.

I am grateful to DFW TMS, before TMS, my depression left me chronically tired, stressed and I had an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness.

After completing TMS, I feel I have a better sense of learning to live in the moment and not to dwell on the past.  Because of my experience, I now have a better relationship with my family.  It has provided me with a more positive attitude and the opportunity for a fresh start!

DA 2016

When I was first introduced to TMS I thought to myself “great another form of medicine that these doctors want to try on me for depression that I know won’t even work.”  I didn’t want to give it the time of day, better yet, I didn’t want to make the time for it in my schedule lol.  I figured it would be a waste of time.  However, the doctors were patient with me and explained the process and how everything worked.  I thought, “Hey why not? I already feel pretty down in the dumps, what could really change?”  Boy was I wrong…the question was truly, “what could really change?”

After maybe my 3rd treatment, I started noticing a change in myself.  I started to smile, I woke up one morning with a smile on my face for no apparent reason at all.  It was almost scary, but it was a good scary.  Then by about the 6th treatment my coworkers started noticing a change in me at work, I started smiling at them and talking to them more, lol, weird, huh?  Yes, it was, I wasn’t a mean person or antisocial, I just always went to work, did my job and came home.  It worked for me.  However, when I started to interact with my coworkers more, I felt like more of the group.  People stated telling me that I looked different in the eyes or in my face, then I would go look in the mirror.  I noticed it too one day, I looked different in the eyes, my eyes weren’t hazy anymore, and they didn’t have a lost look or a sad look in them.  I felt alive, I felt present and in the moment! I felt for the first time in years that I was being and living for myself.

The reality that I was really doing better set in, when my parents came to visit me for the holidays.  They noticed a change in me and actually pointed it out.  Knowing that I have been feeling down for years and how emotional that had been, they could actually see a change in how I interacted with them.  That made me feel really good.

TMS is a great procedure and tool.  I appreciate Dr. Costello and his staff for taking the time to introduce me to TMS.  During the process, there was listening to CDs and tools that also helped with building mindfulness and managing emotions, those were helpful along the way also.  I plan to use those tools after the procedures are complete in my everyday life to continue being happy and successful in order to keep my depression under control and maintain a happy mindful presence.

NR 2016

I had never heard of TMS before I came to DFW TMS, although it has been around for 8 years.  I took the attitude that just because I hadn’t heard of it, didn’t mean it wasn’t good.  I am really glad I did, because it changed my life!  I had been taking medication for depression for about 15 years, and still had to deal with a lot of the fall-out from being depressed.  Due to the TMS treatments, I am now in a state of remission from depression!

During the treatments, it is important to do the work of learning to think differently.  The powerful messages on the CD’s that were provided during the treatment session were instrumental in helping retrain my thought process.  In addition to those CD’s, I listened to others on my own, which added to my transformational process.

In my previous bouts with depression I had utilized both counseling and medication, which were helpful but the TMS treatments helped me with my depression in a way that nothing else has ever been able to do.  I would highly recommend TMS to anyone who has dealt with long term depression.

ELS 2016

I have suffered from PTSD with accompanying depression and anxiety for 6 years.  I had a lot of hostility over the 6 years since the trauma of feeling damaged, angry at what happened to me through no fault of my own.  I was unable to be my old self which was quite happy, extroverted, involved in life and successful at work.  I had come to accept that fact that I will not be my old self, but a different self, and can have more perspective about the good in who I am now.

I had had some success with medication during that time, but not 100% relief.  Medications helped the depression but not the debilitating anxiety that I had had on a daily basis.  Counseling and EMDR did not help me, and I felt like I was constantly re-living my trauma with each session.  I was so frustrated and discontinued all therapy for my illness.

I contacted Dr. Costello when I was at my lowest point.  I was crying for hours every day and spent most days trying to start simple and complicated tasks in both my work and personal life but the anxiety would paralyze me and fuel the ongoing anger issues associated with my PTSD. It seemed like I could not get anything done.  I was not actively participating in my life and was more of an observer letting it go by.  I had to force myself to do activities with my kids and was not interested in usual activities that I enjoyed prior to my trauma such as reading a book or exercising.  Flashbacks and rumination of my past was constant and contributed to the nightly insomnia I was experiencing.  I was also not taking care of myself by attending doctor and dentist visits, nor did I care about my appearance and exercise.

I was initially skeptical about the efficacy of TMS given the fact that I have a doctorate in the medical profession.  I did not necessarily go seeking it for treatment and quite frankly I didn’t know what it was.  I had fears of other types of treatment that I did not want to do such ECT.  A therapy that I did try, EMDR, did not work for me.  Once I knew that Dr. Costello offered TMS, I did a lot of reading about TMS benefits, safety and it is FDA approval.  It was definitely an option for me and Dr. Costello was instrumental in assisting me with my decision to pursue it.

Along with medication and mindfulness therapy, I responded almost immediately to TMS.  My depression is improved beyond what it was with the medication alone and my anxiety has reduced significantly. My anxiety is much more situational that constant.  I am much less angry and able to better cope in very stressful situations such as riding the train to New York City’s Penn Station and navigating my way to an address in a large city which I had never been to before.  I approach problems in a different way…in small pieces…rather than in one big piece that would typically overwhelm me. I start and stop things much more easily and am able to concentrate for longer periods of time.  I am doing things that I used to enjoy, such as reading a book or organizing the house.  I sleep better, go to sleep easier and stay asleep longer.

Additionally, I have reduced my use of destructive coping mechanisms to lessen depression and anxiety (oversleeping, over medication, over eating, crying, and alcohol use, calling family members many times in a day, rumination and anger outburst).  Most of all, I used to consume my husband with my fear and problems constantly, I feel in some way he felt needed but couldn’t handle or understand what I have been going through. He has always known the “damaged and depressed” me and not the person I used to be.  Now that I am much improved, he is getting to know different me.  Sometimes he has more challenges with that since I am more engaged in activities, am more assertive, and express my opinions more than in the past!

TCB 2014

I struggled with addiction and depression for years.  After becoming sober, and still dealing with depression, I used many pharmaceutical prescriptions designed to help overcome my anxiety and depression.  Unfortunately, the medications failed for me and I was not willing to endure side effects of new medications as they came on the marketplace.

I was exposed to concept of TMS by my mental health provider which excited me a great deal because there were no drugs involved in this therapy, and additionally there were minimum/to near no side effects through this revolutionary therapy.  I proceeded through the TMS treatments and was amazed with the results and the simplicity of the therapy.  During the TMS treatment I was exposed to the CBT materials and therapeutic techniques that have helped me sustain my complete depression remission. I have been thrilled with the results and I look forward to many years without the aid of pharmaceutical therapy.  I now live happy, joyous and free!!!

PJ 2017

I have suffered from depression for many years.  TMS therapy at DFW TMS gave me back my life.  While I wouldn’t claim to be cured, I am absolutely functional, something I haven’t been for about 4 years. If you have tried meds and therapy without success, give DFW TMS a call and go through TMS.  You won’t be sorry.

TOC 2016

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